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Tips and Advice

Quest Employment pride themselves on delivering the right candidates for any job we have available.

Once we have found the right candidates it is important for each to get the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities.


The Quest Employment team take great care to develop a relationship with our candidates and to maximise their potential by providing advice and help where we can.


The two key areas to finding a job are of course the CV and interview. Have a look at our quick tips to help you reach your potential:


CV Tips:

1. Your CV should not be longer than 2 pages.

2. You should not have any gaps in your CV, all your time should be accounted for.

3. A CV should be well presented, clear and easy to read.

4. You should be able to give a clear and concise employment history, waffling should be avoided.

5. Employment history should be displayed in chronological order, with your most recent employer first.

6. Make positive statements only, about your previous employers and your reasons for leaving the company.

7. A CV should always be supplied with a covering letter, stating exactly what type of work, you are looking for, your salary expectations, your reasons for wanting the job and some positive attributes about yourself.

8. If your employment history stems back to longer than 10 years then only include the most recent ten years.

9. Always print CV's on either white or neutral coloured paper , as lime green and shocking pink CV are not professional.

10. Hand written CV's do not look as tidy and professional and therefore should be avoided.




Interview Advice:

Quest Employment recognises that the interview process can be a nerve-racking experience. The most important part of the process is often in your preparation. To help you to prepare for your interview, here are Quest's 10 top tips to success:


1. Wear a suit, which is clean and ironed, avoid excessive jewellery, make up, see through clothes, and wear smart shoes. Gentlemen, NO cartoon ties or white socks please. Ladies, no bare legs, wear tights.

2. Do research into the company you are going to see, (web sites generally can give you a good insight). Print off the home page and take it into the interview.

3. On arrival at interview, shake hands, make eye contact, smile and greet the interviewers in the way they greet you.

4. If offered a drink, accept it, when you need time to think take a sip of your drink (it will buy you time).

5. Take a note book and pen and on two separate occasions write something down.

6. Have five or six questions prepared and ask these at the interview. If your questions have already been answered, show the interviewer that you did prepare some questions.

7. If asked to talk about yourself, ego trip the interviewer and ask them about themselves.

8. Leave the interview on a positive note, by thanking the interviewer and expressing an interest in the position.

9. Immediately after the interview, within 3 minutes, call the agency and talk to your consultant.

10. If you are invited back for a second or third interview write and thank the company. Assist your consultant when they speak with their client about you. Good luck!



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