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/live/pages_service/biometrics.jpgBuilding upon the principles defined in earlier Auto:Time products, Vanquish builds on the common time and attendance practices recognised in industry today.


The powerful SQL database engine allows great flexibility, functionality and scalability whilst retaining its user-friendliness.


Through the central “daily tasks” dashboard the solution provides the administrator with a simple breakdown of issues that need resolution.


The solution allows multiple access profiles to be defined and users’ preferred visual options to be saved.


The worked hours collated can be broken down into defined departmental managerial reports, allowing assessment of employee or department productivity.


Worked hours can also be shown monetarily if employees’ individual pay elements are held within the solution.


Vanquish allows attendance data to be collated via more conventional local and wide area networks but also collates data from remote sites utilising the Auto:time GPRS range of hardware in conjunction with the Vanquish: Web module.


Attendance data can be made visible in a multitude of report formats showing employee activity in a meaningful and time critical manner. Weekly/fortnightly/monthly/user defined data range clocking reports as well as infringement, absence and fire roll call reports can all be created. 


Additionally, data collated can be provided in raw SQL form for use within other external applications as well as standard Excel and .csv output files.


Data can also be saved in dedicated formats for export into multiple payroll applications including Sage, Pegasus and Target.


The Vanquish solution can be tailored to suit every business regardless of size and structure using the following modules - Flexitime, Intranet, Rostering, Access Control, Report Designer, Payroll Links and Human Resources/Personnel.


In summary, Vanquish enables all your time and attendance to be realised, helping your business to function more efficiently and more effectively with benefits to you and your employees.