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Our On Site Service

In cases of high volume usage of temporary support staff at a particular location, we are able to set up satellite offices and operate effectively from our clients’ own business premises. This provides a minute by minute recruitment solution, ensuring continuity and consistency of service. Our team of dedicated and experienced On-Site Co-ordinators and Account Managers provide fully-integrated systems to ensure effective communication, training, monitoring of KPI’s and accurate administration of the recruitment process.


We can either set up a brand new on-site contract management location or take over the reins from an outgoing agency supplier. We guarantee a seamless transition of management responsibility, ensuring continuity and minimising disruption to your business and to the workforce.

We take away the pressures, distractions and frustrations of having to juggle multiple agencies and instead you deal with Quest Employment as your one master vendor. This means that when it is necessary, and with your full agreement, we will contract in pre-screened service partners - nominated “back-up agency” suppliers - to assist when volumes increase exponentially or when specific skill sets are called for. Beware, in today’s demanding business world of total flexibility, it is only the naive and inexperienced recruitment agencies who still believe they can go it alone without a contingency plan in place for their customers!



The permanent solution to your temporary needs

The on-site service of Quest Employment is the fastest growing division that provides a complete outsourced human resource service, especially to those companies that want a productive, efficient and flexible workforce without having their own Human Resource Department spending hours recruiting and managing their staff. By analysing your Human Resource requirements on a consultative basis, we can provide you with a nonobligatory plan of how Quest Employment can manage your workforce requirements. With a dedicated member or members of the Quest Employment team, based on your premises, we will provide and maintain the workforce needed to increase productivity and reduce costs. The benefits of this approach include:

We will remove the burden of recruitment, staff relations, payroll functions and much more, leaving your staff to get on with their own jobs.