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The Brief

Having used two agencies for the past 5 years, Burneys decided to go to one sole supply agency in order to build a solid partnership, and for the chosen agency to become an extension of them with recruitment. The main focus areas were candidate attraction, retention, calibre, change management and 100% fulfilment.

Action Taken

After a thorough site and client analysis to identify the needs and expectations required, Quest proposed a competitively priced solution without compromising on providing enhanced service levels.

Burneys were reassured by Quests capabilities in attracting and retaining workers, proven experiences and a dedicated account management team in order to manage the recruitment process and workforce. As such, Quest were awarded sole supply.

The result

Managed by Quests Implementation Team, the transfer of workers and service was seamless with no impact to the service levels, headcount required or productivity. New process around recruitment, retention and attrition were implemented, driving down costs to Burney’s and ensuring a stable workforce was increased and stabilised.

The request of staff doubled, and Quest have and continue to provide 100% fulfilment. We continue to grow with our partnership and our journeys together.

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