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Gender pay act

Quest Employment is a supplier of flexible workers to clients predominantly within the distribution, warehouse and food production sectors. We also have a small proportion of workers in the commercial sector, covering call centre and general administration work, and in the technical sector.

When we say People are our priority, we mean it. We are proud to be an employer that supports a very diverse workforce. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where the whole workforce feels welcomed, valued for their contributions and fully engaged with our business. At Quest, we are dedicated to the belief that individuals should be compensated competitively and fairly based on their role and skills.   Opportunities within our business are open to all people equally, and we encourage career progression in all of our workers.

The gender pay gap data within this report looks at two distinct types of employees; firstly, our flexible workforce, working at our client’s premises fulfilling our client’s staffing needs, secondly, our permanent employees, working in our branch network and support staff working centrally.

Lynn Banks
Finance Director