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Use of Transport COVID-19

The health and well-being of our temporary staff is our top priority. We will continue to update this document as and when guidance changes.


Everyone should take sensible precautions in order to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19.

We ask you -

  1. NOT TO TRAVEL if you have signs of COVID-19.
  2. To maintain social distancing in line with current Government guidelines.
  3. To wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Where hand washing facilities are not available – You should use hand sanitiser gel with a minimum 70% alcohol content.
  5. To wear a face covering when using transport. (This is a legal requirement for all passengers aged 11 years and over).
  6. To cover your mouth and nose with a tissue if you cough or sneeze and put the tissue in a bin straight away. Wash your hands immediately afterwards or use hand sanitiser if hand washing facilities are not available. 
  7. To take note of any seating arrangements issued by the transport company.
  8. Maintain social distance rules if queuing/waiting for designated transport locations.

 Should you need further information on Coronavirus, please visit:

Temporary staff showing signs of Coronavirus (COVID-19) should not report for work and should immediately contact their local office along with booking themselves into a local Covid-19 testing facility.

Should you be waiting for Covid-19 test results you must not use any transport or attend your place of work until you receive a negative result.

We have placed awareness posters regarding COVID-19 throughout our offices as well as our clients displaying similar Government guidance.

Any temporary staff who are showing signs of Coronavirus (COVID-19) must not travel with our transport provider. This includes any passengers who have a family member living in the same household who is showing signs of COVID-19.

Stay safe…….