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To register with Amazon, simply fill in your details below. Remember to add your contact details along with all your relevant experience and requirements. Once you have completed this form, simply click the 'Next Step' button to upload your supporting documents.

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If you do not have a National Insurance Number please enter your initials followed by your date of birth e.g. AB123456

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Unspent Convictions

Do you have any unspent criminal convictions? If yes, please provide details below. Please do not report spent convictions for which the record has been sealed, expunged or for which you have received a pardon. Reporting a criminal conviction may not necessarily disqualify you from the position to which you applied.

Unspent Convictions - Details (If you answered YES above)

Release Disclosure And Consent - Accurate Background Basic Disclosure Check

Bank Details

If you have a building society account please enter your 'Building Society Reference Number'

New Employee Statement - Your Present Circumstances

New Starter Health Questions

Emergency Contacts

Other important information relating to your job application

Work Assignment

Whilst we will try to place you in an area that best matches your skills and experience, all Associates will need to show the flexibility to work in any of the Amazon departments. In addition, due to the intrinsic requirements of the role of an Associate, all Associates may be required to walk, stand and individually lift items of up to 23kg in weight throughout their work shift. Associates must also be able and willing to handle the full range of products sold by Amazon and its Marketplace sellers, including but not limited to age restricted products, food (including nuts, beef and pork), alcohol and chemicals.

There may be occasions where you are moved from your current department, and asked to go to another area due to the needs of the business.

If there is a genuine reason why you could not work in a certain department, carry out particular types of work or handle certain types of products sold by Amazon and its Marketplace sellers, please state below. If you have previously worked at Amazon, then we will endeavour to place you in the department you previously worked if this is your preference, please also state below.

Mathematics and Counting

Which two numbers add (+) up to make 100?

What is the total of 200, 300, 150, and 250?

What do you get if you increase 316 by 500?



Please check the first letters and numbers in the box and then select the identical set of letters and numbers





Please select the word that best matches the answer.

BIG means the opposite of:

EASY means the opposite of:

FORWARDS means the opposite of:

Mental Maths

Flexible Employee Confirmations

1.Flexible Employee Hand Booklet

2.Flexible Employee Assignment Schedule & Declaration

3.Flexible Employees Personal Accident Insurance and Club Quest Scheme

4.Application Form

5.Working Time Regulations Opt Out Agreement

6.Data Protection

Transport Service Cost Outline & Authorisation

Employee Confirmations for working at Amazon

QES Work Finder

QES Data Protection

Nondisclosure for Temporary Work Applicants

Work Fee Mandate

Flexible Contract Of Employment

True And Complete Statement