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Stronger Together

We are an active member and supporter of the Stronger Together initiative. This initiative has been developed within the UK food processing, packaging, horticultural and agricultural industries with the aim to reduce the occurrence of forced labour, human trafficking and worker exploitation.


It is a multi-stakeholder collaboration between the supermarkets, the Association of Labour Providers, the GLAA, Migrant Help, industry trade associations, trade union representatives, and individual employers including recruitment businesses such as ours. The objective is to reduce forced labour, human trafficking, and worker exploitation.

There are 8 standards covering the following subject areas:

  • Fit and Proper Test
  • Pay and Tax matters
  • Prevention of Forced Labour and Mistreatment of Workers
  • Accommodation
  • Working conditions
  • Health and Safety
  • Recruiting Workers and Contractual Arrangements
  • Sub-Contracting and Using Other Labour Providers

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