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Case studies

The White Company

Company overview 

The White Company are a UK based company and is a retailer of linens, home décor, dinnerware and furniture all of which are principally in white.  Established in 1994, it now has 50 stores along with a strong ecomm presence. The products are of a timeless style, focussed on quality and not quantity which is demonstrated through some of their hand made products, attention to detail gift boxes, and second to non customer service.

The challenge

Following a difficult peak period in 2020 with their agency suppliers, The White company put out to tender an opportunity for a second supplying agency to support the operation alongside their partner agency for the next up and coming peak period.  Once the decision was made to which Quest were successfully appointed, there was a quick turnaround to implement the full on site operation, processes and recruitment campaigns to deliver the client requirement in a 12 week period, of which the candidate market place was at the height of post brexit and still in the midst of lockdown and covid.

The solution

We tailored our implementation project plan to meet the 4-week deadline, which included timely recruitment campaigns and attraction tools with targets of headcount numbers to recruit factoring in attrition.  We also ensured full induction training, performance expectations and training plans were built and executed in preparation for the onboarding programme.  Scheduled reviews, updates and trackers were implemented to ensure communication channels were fluid across all areas.

The Results

We are proud to say that The White company delivered their most successful peak to date, declaring record breaking output and activity. Quest successfully over delivered on expectations and requirements. Part of our successes was the recruitment model we used, and our on site team being fully integrated with The White company teams along with working effectively and complimentary to the partner agency.  We were complimented on our Engagement activity throughout the period, our onboarding process along with our communication and reporting over exceeding expectations.  Based on this we have not only secured our position in supporting for the next peak period, but to become a joint all year-round supplier.

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