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Quest Employment

On-site services

On-site services

The on-site service of Quest Employment is the fastest growing division that provides a complete outsourced solution, ideal for companies that regularly use large numbers of flexible workers alongside their regular employees. We recognise that our role is not just to provide staff but to work as a partnership to help develop people and improve the efficiency of your businesses.

We take away the pressures, distractions and frustrations of having to juggle multiple agencies and instead you deal with Quest Employment as your one master vendor. This means that when it is necessary, and with your full agreement, we will contract in pre-screened service partners - nominated “back-up agency” suppliers - to assist when volumes increase exponentially or when specific skill sets are called for.

A dedicated on-site management team, headed by an experienced contract manager, will take full responsibility for our flexible workers throughout the assignment, actively managing the workforce. The support will come from our Implementation Team who will assist and support the set up of new on-site business.

Our team select staff with the expertise that you need and implement induction training, supported by a team of supervisors who appraise and uphold staff performance levels through KPI’s supplied through our bespoke recruitment software. We actively manage staff numbers as your workload changes which ensures you to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

Our relationships have been nurtured over the course of many decades are the bedrock upon which Quest Employment stands. Our ability to collaborate with both job-seeking professionals and companies to find mutually beneficial positions is a source of great pleasure for us.


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