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Quest Employment

Sourcing staff

Recruitment process

We have a rigorous screening procedure in place to ensure that we only propose the most suitable candidates for your company.

Our aim is to make sure that once a candidate is in your business for an interview, you can get right into the topics that interest you most, rather than having to go back to square one to find the right person.

Job Boards

job board advertising

Social media

social media recruitment advertising

Quest Social Media Employee Attraction

When it comes to attracting and engaging potential employees, social media is our best tool. In contrast to our rivals, who all share a single web presence, we have separate pages for each of our physical locations.

Each of our 12 Facebook pages has its own "organic" strategy, which is managed by our in-house social media staff.

During business hours, we aim to react to messages within two hours; however, our staff also respond to messages and see strong activity on the weekends.

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