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Quest Employment

Why choose Quest

Why choose Quest Employment

Our motto is "People are our Priority," and we're proud to say that you won't be treated like a number but a person!

We want you to have the very best experience we can possibly provide you from the moment you start your adventure with Quest. In addition to providing excellent jobs at great places to work, we also have the reputation as one of the best recruitment agencies in the industry.

If you look at what we consider our "Core Values," you'll get a very good idea of the types of people we hire and you’ll be working with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable recruitment consultants around.

We will go to any lengths necessary to assist you in your job search and employment, you will be treated as a priority and we consider the input you provide to be of the utmost importance.

You might argue that after more than 30 years in the industry, we have had enough of time to perfect the procedures that we are now using since we have had abundant opportunities to do so. Quest offers a diverse selection of jobs thanks to its more than 300 satisfied clients, 11 sites and 50 distinct on-site businesses.

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