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Mathematics and Counting

Which two numbers add (+) up to make 100?

What is the total of 200, 300, 150, and 250?

What do you get if you increase 316 by 500?



Please check the first letters and numbers in the box and then select the identical set of letters and numbers





Please select the word that best matches the answer.

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Mental Maths


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New Starter Health Questions

Employee's Statement (Please select ONE of the following)

Data Processing

Student Loan

Do you have a Student Loan which is not fully repaid and all of the following apply?

  • You left a course of UK higher education before last 6 April
  • You received your first student loan instalment on or after 1 September 1998

Flexible Employee Confirmations

1.Flexible Employee Hand Booklet

I acknowledge that I can find my Flexible Employee Hand Booklet on the Quest Employment website along with my e-payslips web link at I agree that it is in my interest as a flexible employee to read my hand booklet.
I acknowledge and agree to abide by the provisions contained in the Flexible Employee Hand Booklet relating to all company policies and procedures.

2.Flexible Employee Assignment Schedule & Declaration

I acknowledge and accept that I will receive an assignment schedule from Quest Employment to my nominated email address. I also acknowledge that Quest Employment will deem the assignment schedule terms to be accepted within 24 hours of receipt.

3.Flexible Employees Club Quest Scheme

I understand that I will be auto enrolled in to the Club Quest scheme therein and have access to take advantage of it's benefits. I accept and agree to a weekly charge of £6.99 upon starting my first assignment for this service. I acknowledge that I can find information relating to the Club Quest scheme in my Hand Booklet on the Quest Employment website, along with opt-out information at Employee handbook | Quest Employment.

4.Application Form

I confirm that the information disclosed in the application form is relevant and correct and can be verified by references from previous employers and/or any professional bodies or character referees specified. I also undertake to inform Quest Employment Ltd of the outcome of all introductions/interviews to companies or agents. I understand that information I have disclosed may be held within a computer database. Should I become a Flexible Employee I confirm I will have read and accepted the issued Contract of Employment which also confirms the minimum hourly rate of pay I will be paid for temporary assignments whilst on assignment for Quest Employment Ltd. Whilst on assignment from Quest Employment Ltd I will regard all available information as confidential and I will not divulge it to any third parties plus I will comply with the Health & Safety regulations of all the companies/agents I am assigned to.

Pursuant to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, I declare that I have no unspent convictions and there are no prosecutions pending at this time. I undertake to inform Quest Employment Ltd of any prosecution that occurs whilst my details are held by Quest Employment Ltd.

5.Data Protection

Quest Employment may have to collect and use information about people with whom register or work for us. This personal information must be handled and dealt with properly, however it is collected, recorded and used, and whether it be in a paper format, electronic format or recorded by any other means.
I acknowledge that I can find Quest Employment's GDPR Privacy Notice on the Quest Employment website web link at or have read a hard copy within the branch.
I agree that it is in my interest as a flexible employee to read Quest Employments Privacy Notice.

I accept & acknowledge points 1 to 5 detailed above.

6.Working Time Regulations Opt Out Agreement

QES Work Finder

QES Data Protection

Work Finder Agreement

Worker Fee Mandate

Transport Service Cost Outline & Authorisation

Additional Checks

Have you been forced to work for Quest Employment?

Have you paid any work finder fees to register for work at Quest Employment?

If selected Yes to having paid for any work finder fees, please fill out the below information

Agree to Flexible Terms of Employment

Please read the Flexible Terms of Employment and tick the box below to confirm your registration.