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Celebrating International Workers Day

Workers across the world are truly the backbone that economies depend on. They are the fuel that allows international economies to prosper and blossom. However, the world has not always been kind to the world's workers. They have been subjected to many atrocities and inequalities through the ages. It is why International Workers Day is a way to celebrate the workforce that empowers economies across the globe.

What Is International Workers Day

International Workers Day is a commemorative holiday that celebrates the hard work of all the workers in the world. It is celebrated on the 1st May and is popularly known as 'Labour Day' or 'May Day' in some countries. It is a significant occasion that salutes the workers' struggles and victory in successfully getting their rights. International Workers Day is recognized and celebrated all over the world and is an official holiday in more than 80 countries. 

Why Is It Celebrated Across The World

Everyone follows International Workers Day as a day of relaxation with family, but there's more to it. On 4th May 1886, a confrontation between police and labour protestors turned violent. Over seven policemen and 60 others were injured during this unfortunate turn of events. Following this, in 1889, 1st May was designated as a way of commemorating the significance of appreciating the labour class and bringing awareness and attention to the plight of labourers across the globe. On this day, the brutal working hours were brought down to more humane working hours.

Paris, 1889 was when the Marxist International Socialist Congress officially passed resolutions on international labour legislation that included reasonable working hours and better working conditions for women and children. That day is celebrated as International Labour Day or International Workers Day. 

The Importance of International Workers Day

This day serves as a reminder of all the sacrifices and valuable contributions made by the past generation of workers. Their consistent efforts paved the way for better working conditions for all of us and our future generations. It is important because it is a celebration of workers' freedom all over the world and their rights. It is a collective win for the entire humanity. 

We owe our safe and non-discriminating working conditions to everyone who fought for these basic rights. It took many years of consistent struggle and withstanding efforts of several brave men and women to bring us here. International Workers Day celebrates not just the workers' struggles and their freedom but also the human resilience and spirit that brought these changes. 

International Workers Days' Significance in Current Times 

The International Workers Day brought a shift in how employers perceived the working class. As a result, many employers today offer their employees better pay and working conditions and several other perks such as welfare schemes, flexible working models, performance bonuses, etc. In addition, they value the quality of work instead of just focusing on the number of hours put in by the workers. As a result, workers are happier and more satisfied today and contribute more productively to their jobs.

International Workers Day is an important day to reflect on the sacrifices of the previous working-class generation. It is important to honour them for the conducive working conditions that we have in today's times. It also teaches us the importance of unity and the power of collective bargaining while asking for our rights at work. May we take their legacy forward and keep honouring them every International Workers Day and otherwise. 

Quest wishes all the working professionals a very Happy International Workers Day! 

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