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Do Your Reseach......

Despite spending around 48 weeks per year in the office and two on the beach (if we’re lucky), a new study has found that candidates spend six times as long researching their holiday compared to potential employers.

Conducted by Glassdoor the research reveals that despite the average full-time UK employee spending 1,680 hours a year at work, they invest a paltry four hours researching potential employers.

In stark contrast people spend 24 hours researching their annual holiday.

The research also showed that more than one-in-three (35%) UK employees admit they didn’t invest any time researching their new employer before accepting a job offer.

Around a fifth (22%) of employees claimed they did not have enough information to make an informed decision about whether or not they should accept the job, rising to 39% of those that have been in their job less than six months.

Candidates are under-using the resources available to them with 55% saying they didn’t look at the employer’s website, 78% failed to check if the business was making a profit and 80% didn’t explore company reviews shared by employees.

With that in mind it’s hardly surprising that less than six months into the honeymoon period of a new role, 31% of UK employees admit they are disappointed. Jon Ingham, from Glassdoor, comments on the findings: “The research highlights an essential shift in how jobseekers should approach their search for new opportunities.

“With a clearer understanding of what a job entails and how a company operates, we will inevitably see greater employee satisfaction and lower turnover that will help us collectively make strides in improving the state of our economy.

Looking for employment isn’t just about finding a job - it’s about finding the right environment for individuals to reach their full potential.”

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