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Industrial jobs in Coventry

The fast-moving pace of technological advancement is creating both growth and change in the manufacturing landscape of the Coventry area.

It’s a picture that certainly flies in the face of any myths that this industrial heartland has ‘had its day’!

Nor is Coventry simply cashing in on its long term manufacturing base and industrial heritage. Much of the future development lies in innovation.

As the official City of Culture for 2021, Coventry recently announced £3 million of Lottery funding had been successfully secured for environment and heritage projects. However, its business and commerce are equally buoyant, including an £18 million cash boost to build a battery facility that will support the next generation of electric cars.

These are just two examples of this city’s ambition and drive, across many different fronts!

These exciting future developments all contribute to creating a vibrant recruitment market for industrial jobs in Coventry, and a constant flow of specialist roles waiting to be filled.

Where are the latest industrial jobs coming from?

What’s particularly fascinating is the way Coventry’s business community is shaping new success, partially from its historic strengths.

The area is world renowned for its engineering and advanced manufacturing industries. This has led to the formation of companies who are leaders in automotive, aerospace and energy generation technology.

Coventry (and neighbouring Warwickshire) can brag a prestigious list of big name residents, including Aston Martin Lagonda and Jaguar Land Rover, and some truly pivotal suppliers to leading vehicle design and development brands.

As these sectors rely so heavily on R&D and innovation-stimulation, there has been strong investment in supporting those priorities in Coventry, including the creation of ‘High-Value Manufacturing Catapult Centres’.

Specialist jobs in Coventry industry

Creating such a hotbed of advanced manufacturing and technological development has meant that there are ‘always’ technical roles waiting to be filled in Coventry.

The area is nurturing exciting work in electronics and connected technology; for example, including being at the forefront of systems that can automate everything from manufacturing production to driver-less vehicles!

Clearly, this leads to a boom in specialist industrial jobs in Coventry too.

Quest Recruitment Agency in Coventry works closely with the ‘movers and shakers’ in this dynamic local economy, to help fill the wide ranging industrial roles with the best-fit candidates.

For examples of this, please browse our industrial job postings for the latest vacancies in Coventry and other vibrant local areas.

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