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QUEST DAY – 1st March 2013

Today is the official Quest 20th Anniversary and to start off our partnership for 2013 with Macmillan Cancer Care, we have decided to make today Quest Day.

Everyone has been asked to wear something Blue – The Quest corporate colour.  Donations have been requested of £1 for wearing blue and £2 if not wearing blue.

8.00am Lynn started off the day by donating Blueberry muffins in HO and Northampton Branch.   Suggested Donation for a muffin is £1.

8.45am Lynn emailed to say that she is wearing 10 blue things today and is donating £1 for each item and another £1 for any item that is guessed by the branches.

Guesses have been rolling in, they range from blue mascara to blue garter and blue bloomers – All of these were wrong!!

9.14am Paul emailed a photo of the dayshift at Marston Gate – All wearing Blue – WELL DONE!

9.25am Del is wearing blue for the first time ever (He’s a Liverpool fan, so normally its red all the way) Great effort Del. £20 donated from Bedford.

9.55am Barbara and Catherine are both wearing Blue dresses.  Also Blue Eye shadow and underwear – Great Effort.  £10 raised in Leicester.

10.30am Half of the Blueberry muffins have gone for Breakfast.  I think the rest will go for afternoon tea.

Head Office have decided to only write with Blue Pens today.

3.30pm Only one Blueberry Muffin left now, out of 11 that we started with!!

4.00pm Peterborough have put their money into a piggy bank and are planning the following:

When it is full –

1. Guess how much is in the pig – all in office donate £2 – the winner only donates £1

2.£5 bid for the person that wants to break it open

4.30pm Totals are coming in now…….

Head Office & Northampton £73

Corby £5

Bedford £20

Peterborough £8

Luton £6

Coventry £13

Leicester £10


A couple of late donations have now been received.

The total is now £148


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