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Quest vs Pauleys Karting Event

As Pauleys is one of our biggest and longest serving clients we wanted to acknowledge and celebrate working in partnership for over 10 years. We decided to go karting in Corby’s new racing centre.


Representing Corby Quest was James Hunter and Jim Bluck and for Pauleys was John Turney, Brendon Chance, Steve Maguire, Toby Page, Gary Earl, Vic Pilinkus , Ben VanDenBos , Gyula Szedlak and Lena Lind.


The day started with a 5 minute qualifying race to see where we would place for the main 20 minute race.


It was hard fought qualifier but amazingly Jim Bluck came out on top which secured his place in first on the grid.  Unfortunately due to mechanical issues James Hunter was placed 8th.


The main race was a frantic affair with positions changing with every lap, there was plenty of bumps, spins and near misses over the course of the race, Jim held the lead until nearly the last lap when he was narrowly overtaken by Gyula who was the worthy winner. James battled from 8th place to a respectable 4th but was involved in another mechanical issue on the 37th lap. Which resulted in his wheel coming off the kart. This lead to a big loss of time and resulted in finishing 10th .


After the race , we were presented with trophies for the fastest 3 and wooden spoons for the slowest 2. This was followed by pizza and a few beers!


It was a great event and was very warmly received by Pauleys who loved every second!


 /media/blogs/Pauleys Karting 5.jpg /media/blogs/Pauleys Karting 1.jpg

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