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Seasonal work for young people and students

What are the benefits of temporary or seasonal jobs for students and young people?

There are many benefits to finding temporary or seasonal work whilst studying or after leaving education. Apart from boosting your income, it allows you learn valuable life skills, gain real-world experience and help determine the type of career you would like, if you’re unsure which path to take. Quest Employment has a wide range of temporary jobs, many requiring little to no previous experience – perfect if you’re looking for a taste of working life without committing long-term to a particular industry or job type. Temporary roles may also allow you to establish what you want from a career, and start to create a path of progression through training and development. From Technical, Industrial or Commercial, to Food Production or Warehouse jobs, with the help of Quest Employment you’re bound to find a role to suit you.

Explore your options

Whether it’s a temporary part-time, full time or seasonal job you’re looking for, Quest Employment can help you to find a role to suit your skillset, aspirations and availability, whilst providing valuable work experience and the opportunity to gain skills in a particular field, which can help young people and students when looking for permanent full-time employment in the future. Some companies also offer temp-to-perm, or temporary on-going opportunities, which means that if you find yourself in a temporary job you love, there may be an option to extend your contract or move to a similar role within the company. Temporary or seasonal vacancies include roles as Packing Operative or Production Operative for a range of specialist areas such as dairy, cereal or coffee production, and Warehouse Operatives for retail and e-commerce. 

Seasonal work

Seasonal work is often highly sought after, and offers the opportunity to earn extra money during specific times of the year. Warehouse, Food Production and Commercial sectors often recruit additional staff on a short-term basis towards the end of the year when demand is higher. Many seasonal work opportunities are on a part-time or flexible basis, and have the benefit of providing opportunities for individuals who may not be able to commit to a full-time job, such as students, who are looking for flexible work arrangements to fit their availability. Seasonal work is also a great way to try out different industries or roles, and can help you to find your career path or interests. Quest Employment offer a variety of temporary and seasonal opportunities for industry leaders such as Amazon, John Lewis and Life Health Foods.

Boost your income

This is possibly one of the biggest incentives for taking on temporary or seasonal work. At a time of spiraling living costs, temporary part-time or full-time work is a great way of finding employment that fits in with your lifestyle and availability, and helps to boost your income. Whether this contributes towards covering tuition or accommodation fees or simply help with general living expenses, a temporary job not only provides extra income, but can teach valuable life skills such as managing finances, organising and managing your time, and developing further transferable skills that'll look good on your CV. In addition, many jobs provide benefits such as free parking or transport, onsite canteen, discounts and training and development opportunities.  

Gain valuable experience

Temporary or seasonal jobs are a great way of gaining valuable skills, making you more attractive to potential employers. Students may decide to look for temporary or seasonal work which relates to their area of study, providing valuable real-world experience, the opportunity to network with professionals in their intended field, and help to make connections that can help find employment after graduation. Temporary or seasonal work in a warehouse or food production role, for example, can help boost teamwork and organisation skills and encourage self-motivated working and a “can-do" attitude.  Let Quest Employment help to kick start your career, browse our range of vacancies to find a role to suit you!

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