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Quest Employment

Smyths Go Karting

Smyths Toys recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary of working with Quest Employment, to celebrate the anniversary we decided to arrange a day of go karting.


Smyths were represented by team leaders from both WEB & WAREHOUSE team leaders.


The day kicked off with a 5 minute qualifying race to see where we would place for the main 20 minute race.


The qualifier started aggressively with the lead swapping places numerous times throughout the first 6 laps, Dan Lay secured top spot which secured his place at the front of the grid for the main race.


The main race was just as aggressive with Dan Lay using his early lead to his advantage and managing to keep his lead for the first 16 laps, however Daniela was on his tail and eventually managed to sneak past him on the hairpin corner. The lead then changed hands between Dan and Daniela multiple times, with Dan regaining the lead on the penultimate lap.



After the race , Smyths were presented with trophies for the fastest 3 and wooden spoons for the slowest 2.



It was a great event and was very warmly received by Smyths who loved every second!


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