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Tips on job face-to-face interviews

The last blog article covered some tips with remote interviews. As the vaccine roll-out progresses and the nation moves out of the pandemic* (fingers crossed!), companies may opt to go back to face-to-face meetings.

Should this be the case, we will cover some tips to help you with the interview process.

Job interviews can be daunting for anyone, even if you're experienced at attending them. Therefore, it's essential to have some top tips in your toolkit before you attend that crucial interview for your dream job. Quest Employment can help you find a suitable job but it's also important to make a good impression at your interview. In this post, we'll examine some of the best job interview tips so you can secure the job and take your next career step.

Research the company

Having extensive background knowledge of the company with which you wish to work can really impress your potential employers. Not only does it show that you're familiar with their processes and the type of work they do but it also demonstrates that you're a proactive individual who will be an excellent asset. Ultimately, they'll view you as an ideal addition to their team.

Dress to impress

First impressions count! Arriving at the interview with good manners and dressing in a way that makes you appear well-presented will score initial brownie points with your interviewer because they'll see you as the type of person who makes an effort and goes the extra mile. This can set you apart from other candidates and give you a crucial edge in securing your new role.

Positive attitude

As well as looking presentable, ensure that you have an upbeat and positive aura when you turn up for your interview. Focus on your strengths, smile, and even introduce some light humour into the conversation. Employers want to employ people who will bring a mixture of positivity and productivity and, if you can demonstrate this is your personality type, they'll be eager to snap you up.

Be sure your skillset is suited to the job

When you're preparing for your interview, look at all the essential criteria and requirements for the role in detail. Consider how your existing and transferable skills match the role and look at what you can bring to the company. Then, when they ask you questions during your interview, you'll be readily prepared to give them a stunningly comprehensive answer.

Bring examples of success and challenges

Employers are universally impressed by examples of times when you have succeeded in previous roles. This shows that you have a track record of providing productive outcomes. However, they also want to hear about the challenges that you have faced and overcome in previous projects. In many ways, surmounting barriers is even more of an achievement as it is a good indicator of strengths such as resilience, lateral thinking, perseverance, and flexibility.

How can Quest Employment help you?

If you're looking for jobs in Coventry or jobs in Leicester, Quest Employment can work with you to match your skills and ambitions with the most suitable job for you. If you want to find a post in your local area, Quest Employment is a Leicester recruitment agency with branches around the country and a strong history in helping candidates embark on their employment journeys.

For more information and advice, please contact us today.

*We're living in challenging times and moving out of the pandemic is a wish we all have. We will get there.
However, Quest Employment recommends that you follow guidelines set by the government while we are navigating through this pandemic. It is always important that we look after each other during this challenging time.

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