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Tips on Remote Interviews

By spring 2021, there were almost 24 million* people working remotely in the UK, which is a massive surge compared to work patterns pre-COVID.

Another pre-pandemic trend that accelerated quickly in the days of lockdown was employers using the same technology that supports remote working to create ‘virtual’ recruitment methods.

It makes sense when you think about it.

Doing remote interviews saves management time – and possibly money. It also tests candidates on their use of technology. Say, for example, they are recruiting for home-based jobs in Stoke; the assurance that you can use devices to communicate effectively will be an important measure of your suitability.

However, if you’re going after office or manufacturing jobs in Bedford, for instance, or professional or logistics jobs in Banbury, you may still find yourself being interviewed online!

As it's a likely hurdle for a new job, here are some important tips for successful remote interviews.

Get your tech sorted

Doing homework to prep for an interview must now include making sure your hardware or software doesn't let you down at the worst possible moment.

Now imagine if, for example, a recruitment agency in Stoke has put you forward for a technology-based vacancy. Having a dodgy microphone, freezing screen or long delay while connecting is not going to do you any favours.

Test your tech, including systems for sharing documents such as Google Drive or OneDrive, and make yourself comfortable with Skype, Zoom, Teams and other common remote interview platforms.

Look behind you!

Create a suitable background for your transmission that gives your future employer the right impression. That peeling patch of wallpaper may also be a bit of a distraction for your interviewer!

Dress appropriately

It’s a remote interview, so does it matter what you wear?

By way of an illustration, say you are being vetted by a recruitment agency in Banbury. The person you connect with can’t tell you're wearing sweatpants (or no pants) beneath the table.

However, you know!

Being successful in interviews is often about positive thinking and showing confidence. If you dress smartly from head to toe, it puts YOU in the right frame of mind.

No distractions

Another fundamental tip for remote interviews is to make sure you can't be disturbed, or distracted, by family members, pets, Amazon deliveries or alternative devices!

Take deep breaths and give measured responses

Lastly, if you frequently chat to friends online, don’t be sucked into thinking you can babble happily as normal, sat in the comfort of your own lounge. Sit up straight, focus, and make sure you think carefully about everything you say. Body language is still important, as is the way you moderate your voice and emphasise things.

Get in touch with our recruitment agency in Bedford, Banbury and Stoke to explore more ways to get yourself noticed with top employers in the region – remotely!


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