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What Is A Warehouse Operative Job & Why Is It Essential?

Warehouses are essential links in the supply chain industry that employ thousands of operators and workers in various temporary and permanent roles. Goods must be distributed to shops, manufacturing plants, stores, supermarkets, and online retailers; they house materials, products, equipment, and even food items. Warehouse operatives, workers, operators, pickers, and packers are responsible for keeping these large depots functioning round the clock, ensuring all the goods are picked, processed, and packaged appropriately, and leave for their respective destinations on time in the perfect condition. Although part of a team, every warehouse operative has a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and productivity of the entire unit.

Skills & Experience Required

Warehouse operatives are responsible for performing a range of duties that require certain soft skills and knowledge. The role also involves interaction with other team members throughout the day and hence, requires competent communication and interpersonal skills. Some of the other desirable skills for warehouse operatives include:

  • Physical strength, fitness, and agility
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability and determination to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge and experience in handling basic IT equipment 
  • Computer literacy
  • Great record-keeping and organisational skills
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to follow health and safety regulations

The warehouse industry welcomes experienced workers and freshers based on the job role and its requirements. Certain roles like Warehouse Associates and Workers often require little to no prior experience in a similar role, as long as the desired skill set and determination are present. On the other hand, roles such as Forklift Operators, Material Handlers, and Reach Truck Drivers will require some amount of experience, specific skills, knowledge, and even certifications in some cases. Regardless of the level of experience, all Warehouse Operatives are offered on-the-job training opportunities to level up in their careers. 

Warehouse Operative Responsibilities

Based on the role, its significance within the team, the size of the warehouse unit, and the nature of the goods, Warehouse Operatives can be responsible for performing a variety of duties, such as:

  • Loading and unloading deliveries manually or using a forklift truck
  • Logging and maintaining records of stock and deliveries 
  • Picking orders using hand-held scanners 
  • Collecting orders from conveyors for packing using bubble wraps and other materials into containers, boxes, and crates
  • Correctly labelling all the orders
  • Operating lifting machines to transport large items to and from storage areas
  • Checking for and reporting damaged and missing goods
  • Operating specialised machines like forklifts to move and arrange stock
  • Following internal company processes and procedures
  • Maintain cleanliness and safety within your workspace

Hours & Salary

One of the biggest perks of working in the role of a Warehouse Operative is the level of flexibility it offers. Most warehouses operate a shift system covering 5-7 days and require each operator to work around 40 hours a week. They also offer part-time roles, temporary, and permanent roles, as well as overtime opportunities to candidates who have other commitments and flexibility in their jobs. What’s more? The pay is very competitive and ranges from £10-£12 per hour or more, based on the nature, complexity, location, and any specific demands of the role. 

Quest Employment – Featuring The Best Warehouse Jobs

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