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Why Is Quest The Top Recruitment Firm For Businesses in Corby

Corby is a town in Northamptonshire that has come a long way since the industrial steel era. It is now one of the fastest-growing towns in the region, which is home to many important businesses and industries. In 2009, the town witnessed a major development, i.e. the building of a railway station. Since then, the town has enjoyed a thriving economy, with many small, medium, and large businesses flourishing here. 

Corby's Borough Council has developed an economic development strategy to bring in more retail businesses and investments. With this, the demand for a well-vetted talent pool is expected to increase. Businesses aiming for long term growth in the region are looking to invest in the right talent with relevant experience. And Quest has played a crucial role in helping many of these businesses find their desired candidates and help enhance their business operations. Whether it is helping the logistics sector, the manufacturing industry or other small and medium-sized businesses with their recruitment requirements, Quest’s Corby branch has been at the forefront of the employment scene in this town. Hence, it is little wonder why Quest Corby won the Branch of the Year for 2021. Here's what makes it the right fit for businesses in Corby.

The Long Legacy

Quests' Corby branch is one of its oldest branches, established in the year 1995. It's a well-established branch with a good reputation in the region. They have been able to support the needs of local businesses for decades despite the economic volatility over the years. The branch has garnered goodwill over the years and flourished to be able to relocate to a new office on Everest lane, in the heart of the town centre. Our consultants in Corby have an in-depth understanding of the local demands and can deliver services to meet them effectively. 

Recruitment For Diverse Industries

Quest Employment can provide efficient recruitment services to clients from various industries. As recruitment leaders, we understand different industry needs and cater accordingly. Since the Corby region is known for its logistics and manufacturing, our Corby branch consultants are well-trained and experienced in delivering industry-specific services to businesses within these industries. Our team can find the desired candidates that have the necessary technical, industrial, and commercial expertise within no time. 

The Partnership Approach 

Our long legacy at the Corby branch is a testament to our partnership approach. We believe in developing meaningful partnerships with our clients, aligning with company goals, and delivering value. Our proof of success is reflected in the large number of long-term customers and repeat clients we have worked with over the years.

Screening & Selection

Our approach is a methodological one. We have carefully outlined an extremely detailed screening and selection process. Our entire team is trained upon induction to follow through with this as a standard process. Regulatory compliance is deep-rooted in our DNA, and we believe in keeping ourselves abreast with the latest policies. Our core screening process involves multiple preliminary tests, aptitude screening, and technical skill tests. We also guide internal HR teams with the relevant onboarding assistance depending on the role. This intensive screening & selection process followed by our Corby branch has played a significant role in helping them win the ‘Branch Of The Year 2021’ title.

Accomplished Team

The Quest Corby branch has one of the most well-established teams. The team includes an area manager, branch manager, senior consultants and recruitment consultants that work cohesively to provide top-notch talent acquisition services. In addition, the team is highly experienced in catering to recruitment needs across various sectors especially logistics, and manufacturing.

Quest is the go-to recruitment firm in Corby due to the exceptional employment services it offers to businesses located in the region. We understand and appreciate the significance of finding the right candidates for any business and have designed our process and services to help businesses in Corby land their desired employees as swiftly and efficiently as possible. 


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