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Why job hunting at Easter is a great idea

Why job hunting at Easter is a great idea

Egg hunt v job hunt

While Easter is traditionally the time for egg hunts, why not make this the year you go on a job hunt instead? There are many benefits to job hunting over the Easter period, from renewed budget forrecruitment and projects with the start of the new financial year, less competition for vacancies and an increase in temporary roles looking ahead to busy periods. Spring is also a great time for reflecting on your achievements and aspirations, and assessing your career goals and how to reach them. Thinking about what motivates you and the aspects of a job that are important to you can really help you to plan your future. What better way to reinvigorate your career than to start a new adventure with Quest Employment – with a diverse selection of jobs and branches across the UK, our teams can help you find your dream job today!

Planning ahead

There is traditionally an increase in temporary roles around Easter time, as companies look to increasetheir contract-to-hire staff to help cover annual leave over the summer months and begin preparationsfor busy periods later in the year. Thinking about Christmas at Easter may seem odd, but remember that manufacturers need to prepare for Christmas way before it even crosses the mind of consumers! With a wide range of temporary and temp-to-perm jobs available on the Quest website, along with shift work to suit your schedule, you’re bound to find a role that’s ideal for you. With the supply chain complexities of recent times, many companies will be planning ahead in order to beat any potential delays, and looking to start seasonal preparations even earlier in the year. This in turn will mean that sectors such as manufacturing will likely increase their vacancies to include more seasonal temporary and temp-to-perm roles such as Warehouse or Packing Operative, Forklift Operative, and Production Operative. Temp-to-perm jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door, as not only can temporary jobs become permanent roles, but they can lead to great career progression. Increased production in warehouses and on production lines also means that preventing a breakdown and making sure that everything is running smoothly is paramount, and Quest are proud to be able to offer vacancies for roles such as Mechanical Engineer, Line Leader, and Stock Control and Process Coordinator.

Fresh start

The start of the new financial year in April means renewed budget for recruitment and new projects, which in turn often means a hunt for new talent and more staff. New projects may result in a range of vacancies, from entry level roles with no experience required, to mid and board level roles with opportunity for career progression. Springtime may also inspire you to consider a career change, with a
fresh start in a new industry. With roles requiring little to no previous experience, Quest can help you to kick start your career.

Beat the competition

Businesses are usually quieter over Easter due to employee holidays and a lull in activity, which often means that the recruitment process is streamlined, with employees wanting to fill vacancies quickly. There is often less competition for vacancies over Easter, so this may be the perfect time to make your CV stand out and get that ideal role! With more than 30 years' experience, the team at Quest are here to offer expertise and advice to help you with your job search. Why not take a look at our Candidate Advice page, which offers CV and interview tips to help you get the best from your job search.

Kick start your career

If you’re student looking to embark on your career journey soon, Easter could be the perfect time to start the ball rolling. Whilst exams and deadlines are top priority, thinking about a possible career path sooner rather than later could stand you in great stead for the future. If you’re keen to start earning as soon as possible after you leave education, Quest are able to offer a variety of vacancies with immediate starts. Quest can help you take your first steps in a specific industry or sector, with a wide variety of roles available within the food manufacturing, commercial, industrial, warehouse and technical industries - the possibilities are endless!

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