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Why Use Quest Employment in Redditch Benefits for Businesses

Redditch is one of the most economically significant towns of Worcestershire. Once a global epicentre of the needle industry, it has a lot to offer to businesses and professionals seeking their next big opportunity. Redditch is home to many great technology-based businesses and startups, including those in manufacturing and aerospace. Moreover, its location near England’s second-largest city, Birmingham, makes it an ideal base for many other industries and professionals who need easy access to the West Midlands and beyond. The town was even recently named as the “Third-Best Town in the UK” to launch a new business, according to research conducted by an accounting firm.

However, due to the looming uncertainties caused by the pandemic and the global unrest, many companies in Redditch, like everywhere else, are running short on top talents and skilled workers who can drive their organisation forwards amidst this storm of challenges. Businesses that fail to identify the need for a skilled workforce are likely to miss the boat and lose talented candidates to their competitors. Hence, they must run recruitment drives at the right moment to make sure their organisation always stays one step ahead of the competition. However, finding candidates that tick all your boxes can be a challenge in itself. It can be a tedious and costly process, with no certainty that the desired candidates will be found. This is where an employment company like Quest can make a difference!

Why Use Quest Employment in Redditch

Quest Employment is one of the most reliable and professional recruitment firms that has been helping businesses find skilled and qualified candidates for their firms for over 25 years. Redditch is home to one of our 12 branches across this region and includes friendly and experienced recruitment consultants who never hesitate to go the extra mile to help you find your dream candidates. All our consultants are well-trained, and we have what we believe is one of the best retention statistics in the market. Here’s why your business should work with us:

Faster Hiring

We have a vast database of candidates and an expansive network of connections and resources to make the hiring process faster and more efficient. It also helps us easily shortlist candidates and submit only the most suitable ones for your consideration. 

Identifying The Right Talent

Our recruitment consultants are well-trained and experienced to match businesses with their desired candidates and vice versa. Our network and database allow us to find and reach out to candidates who may be actively looking for a job or are open to change. Our recruitment consultants also have extensive knowledge about individual job segments of the market and local talent pools to help find candidates that meet all of the employers' requirements. 

Efficient Screening & Interviewing

Based on the complexity of the role you need to fill and the selection process, Quest can conduct the screening and interviewing process on your behalf. It can not only save you money but also the hassle of running background checks and researching the candidate’s credentials. Finally, after conducting the preliminary screening tests and interviews, our recruitment consultants can guide your HR team on the best questions to ask in the final round so you can get the desired candidate.

There are several other benefits of using Quest Employment for your recruitment needs. Negotiating salaries, advertising roles, and offering valuable industry insights to ease the hiring process are some of the many areas we can look after as your recruitment partner. 'People are our Priority,' and you will be a name, not a number with Quest Employment. We are one of the best local recruitment firms in Redditch who can help find your next “star” employee within no time! Get in touch with us to start a fulfilling journey of finding the top talent for your business.

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